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Good Neighbors has loved our neighbors.

History shows Good Neighbors’ past, present and future.
We will continue to make history of hope.

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2009 History Goodneighbors
  • 2009.1ㆍHope Sports Festival at Hope-sharing School
    ㆍTanzania Tegeta Vocational Training Center Opened
  • 2009.3ㆍ[Happiness Project: Sharing Book of Love]
    at Lotte Mart Cultural Centre
    ㆍVolunteer activities of actress Kim Hanul and actor Lee Junki along with tvN Love in Indonesia
    ㆍVolunteer activities of Byun Jungsoo, the GNI goodwill ambassador, with her family in India
  • 2009.4ㆍPopcorn Establishment Ceremony
  • 2009.5ㆍOpening of GNI online sponsorship web site Gibu
    (donation) Start (www.givestart.org)
    ㆍ<2009 SBS Hope TV Popcorn> at Seoul Square
    ㆍLaunching of GOOD-BUY campaign
    ㆍ5.5 Million Won fundraised through KBS broadcasting of a professional golfer, Choi KyoungJu and his friends.
  • 2009.6ㆍSelected as project manager of rehabilitation facility
    business for vulnerable children and youth GN University
    Student Volunteer Club launching ceremony
  • 2009.7ㆍAppointment of actor Lee Jungjin as a sharing ambassador
    (later renamed as goodwill ambassador)
    ㆍThe 1st Middle school Hope Project: 'Young Power School'
    ㆍAwards ceremony of the 1st Hope Letter Writing Contest for
    the Global Village
  • 2009.8ㆍAppointment of actor Park Yongha as an goodwill
    ㆍGoodwill ambassador Choi Soojong visited GN USA and
    delivered his speech
  • 2009.9ㆍDelivery of milk powder worth about 200 million Won to
    North Korea twice in September and October
    ㆍContract signed with patent committee for application of
    appropriate technology
    ㆍTraining program conducted for 8 government officials
    including the Minister of Children and Youth in Paraguay
    ㆍNetwork: GNI`s Strategy for Shaping Its Global Ministry'
    ㆍ2009 GNI Annual meeting
    ㆍEmergency relief works in the Philippines hit by
    typhoon Ketsana
    ㆍEmergency relief works in Sumatra, Indonesia, hit by
    an earthquake of magnitude 7.6
  • 2009.10ㆍ2009 Hope TV 2009 with SBS Broadcasting Station and
    5 NGOs
    ㆍVolunteer activities of goodwill ambassador Kim Haesoo in
    Nepal, which was on air through MBC W program
    ㆍOpening of Social Welfare Centre of Southern Hwasung
  • 2009.11ㆍMilk powder and nutrients support for North Korean nursery
    ㆍEmergency relief work for earthquake-hit Sichuan, China:
    Groundbreaking ceremony at new library
    ㆍVolunteer activities of C&M and sharing ambassador
    Lee Jihae in Bangladesh
    ㆍCES workshop (programme developed and revised)
    ㆍ2009 Members' Night (400 members participated/
    Sukmyoung Art Centre)
    ㆍHope-tree campaign 2010 (establishment ceremony and
    photo session)
    ㆍVolunteer activities of sharing ambassador Choi Yujin and
    tvN Love in Cambodia
  • 2009.12ㆍWorkshops for branches in Korea
    ㆍUniversal Children's Day ceremony in GN Philippines
    ㆍAward ceremony of the 2nd Korean Volunteers' Contest
    with Hankook Ilbo Daily Newspaper
    ㆍChildren's book jointly planned and
    published with Kookmin publishing company
    ㆍEmergency relief monitoring for Sichuan, China
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